With the principle of placing humans as the key factor for development, Vitexco always values "Heart" and "Talent" in building the company culture.

“Heart” represents human bonding within the company. The management board pays special attention to taking care of the material and spiritual wellness of the workers through various activities. Besides, there are many charitable activities that contribute to the development of the local community. Apart from the remuneration and benefits packages, we focus on building a healthy, safe, cohesive, and sharing environment where human values are highly regarded and promoted

The word “Talent” represents the management board’s concern for providing employees with opportunities to improve themselves and express their abilities in all aspects of life. Every year, the company allocates a budget for internal training, allowing employees to have opportunities to learn, enhance their professional skills, and gain work experience.

Board of directors

Thai Van Dang Chairman of the Board

Bach Ngoc Nguyen General Manager

Long Viet Dang Deputy General Manager

Our people

Vitexco aims to build a fair- peaceful – stable working environment that creates a strong bond between employees and the company.

Growing opportunities

Vitexco creates opportunities for employees to develop skills, increase income, stabilize their lives and bring value to society and the community.

Community's Connection

Vitexco organizes meaningful team-building activities to create a positive working atmosphere and stimulate a sense of unity among company members.

Recognized and Rewarded

Vitexco always appreciates the contributions of each individual to the overall development of the company.