Vision, mission and commitment


1. Vision, mission and commitment

a. Vision

Vitexco always gives our customers the technological products with the most economical cost.
Vitexco hopes to create the Vietnamese brand expressing the intellectual stature and pride of Vietnam on the international market.

b. Mission

Meet the customer’s need with the fastest delivery time and best quality products.
Build up the professional working environment in which human being is the center, dynamic, creative and civilized. Bring all the staffs fair chances to get high income and promote.

c. Commitment

A long-term partnership
A sustainable growth
A win-win growth

2.Core values

a. a. Customers are the center

Customers are the center in planning policies and strategies
b. Social responsibility

Vitexco actively assert their leadership in improving the living standards and development for the company’s staff and for the council.


c. Responsibility to the Employees

It creates a professional, safe and adequate environment for staffs to promote personal potentials.
d. Creation and quality

Vitexco always promotes creation in working methods and applies new technologies into production to improve productivity and product quality.
e. Flexibility and effect.

Vitexco’s production and management system is highly flexible to meet the development of the garment field in the world. Then will bring our customers the best quality products with the fastest time and the lowest cost.